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We all are Teresians - Chords - G/D/Em/C

"We all are Teresians ..... 4 (Chorus)

"we know how to live the life-we know how to walk on ways'..2

"we know how to love and care-we know how to share and give'...2

"The reason I live in this world-

"I know where I belong"....2 (we all are Teresians ....)

We will show the world, we will make it strong ....2

"we are Powerful powerful stronger".....

"we are Stronger stronger stronger".....

"we are mightier mightier mightier".....

Oooo Oooo Oooo....4 (repeat)

We always thank you Lord, For the path you showed to us ...2

(we all are Teresians )

St. Teresa you are, you source of inspiration ..... 2

Our Flag will always rise with the heart of adoration ....2

(we all are Teresians )

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